Your City Marketing Solutions would like to help all businesses

In order for Your City Marketing Solutions LLC to help you need to meet certain criteria.

1. You must have a active and good reputation.
2.Our Services are for companies who are already established.
3.Who want to achieve their goals and get more clients faster!

Your City Marketing Solutions LLC does not work with:

1. A. Adult Theme Material
B. Get rich quick schemes
C. Startups
D. Holistic

2. You should already have customers and have potential customers. Your  probably running ads, your promoting and your selling your services. You must be present in your market.

3. You must have a successful product and good reputation.  We will be working together and we will bring clients and profits. We will do it in a way that it will bring good will to your market.

These are our requirements!


If you meet the criteria above we would like to speak to your personally soon. We would like to set a time to talk to you.

1)Fill out the Discovery Form

Its just simple questions that need to filled out. So that we can tailor our services to your business.